Tibet Action Institute combines the power of

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to advance the Tibetan freedom movement

Digital Security Online Support Space for Tibetans

Targeted email attacks in the Tibetan community are on the rise again.

We are all on it, but what is the impact of social media on the Tibetan community?

WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy. Is it still safe to use?

Testifying at the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom Hearing

 Reducing and mitigating online threats in the Tibetan community

Human Rights Matter Here and There!

Watch this inspiring story of frontline rights defenders!

How can you help mobilize your community through Low-Risk actions?

Why are youth so essential for social change?

Why are parallel institutions essential to strengthening Tibet?

Tenzin’s Cyber Superhero!

Don’t be a phish!

Don’t be a hoarder!

Detach from attachments!

The Success of Strategic Non-violence

A Turning Point for Civil Rights in the USA

In 1963, Birmingham, Alabama was often cited as “the most segregated city in the South.” As a result, the city was strategically chosen by civil rights organizers to launch “Project C” with the “C” standing for confrontation

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Wildfire: The Tibetan Fur Burning Campaign

After a 2006 appeal by the Dalai Lama to stop using furs from endangered animals, Tibetans across Tibet burned their valuable pelts in dramatic and unifying actions.

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Indigenous Rights Affirmed in Canada with James Bay Dam Victory

When Canadian company Hydro-Quebec launched the James Bay Hydroelectric Project, the affected Cree and Inuit communities pushed back.

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