Digital Security


It is important to stay safe and secure online and also to be able to mitigate harm when things go wrong.

We have made it easy for you and broken down digital security into a 3-step process:


In our daily life activity, we tend to use the internet more than anything and it is crucial to ensure that your internet is safe. To maintain internet safety, there are some basic and minimal best practices which we should adopt in our daily life.

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To achieve a secure online platform, we must put a little more effort into ourselves. Apart from basic best practices, these reminders will also help us to stay secure online.

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Be a Cyber Superhero

When you are working in an environment that is likely to be targeted or you are working in a field that connects you to many other high-risk people, we recommend that you stay formidable online.

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The Tibetan Computer Emergency Readiness Team (TibCERT) is a formal, coalition-based structure that reduces and mitigates online threats in the Tibetan community. By expanding Tibetans’ technical research capacity on threats in the diaspora as well as surveillance and censorship inside Tibet, TibCERT ultimately ensures greater online freedom and security for Tibetan society as a whole.

TibCERT is a program of Tibet Action Institute

Digital Security Ambassadors

Tibetans in exile are on the frontline of targeted cyber attacks. The Digital Security Ambassador program seeks to provide skilled, local support for defending against these attacks by placing four Tibetans with a background in computer science in four digital security hotspots: Dharamsala, Dehradun, Bylakuppe, and Mundgod. The Ambassadors offer digital security trainings and customized support in their areas for communicators (individuals in frequent contact with Tibetans in Tibet) and institutions. They are part of the Rapid Response network of TibCERT.

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