Global ‘Text Action’ for Tibetan Political Prisoner

Norzin Wangmo, a Tibetan writer and government official was detained, tortured, and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for communicating over the phone and Internet about China’s human rights abuses in Tibet. 

Join the Global Text Action for Norzin Wangmo
Date: March 8 – 12, 2011
Text (SMS) your message for Norzin Wangmo’s release to:
+ 86 28 8660 4437
Who: Liu Xibao, Party Secretary of China’s Sichuan Province where Norzin Wangmo is imprisoned

Use your cellphone and the Internet  – the very communications tools the Chinese government is trying to control – to advocate for her release.

Text (SMS) + 86 28 8660 4437 and send a message to Liu Qibao, Party Secretary of Sichuan Province, where Norzin is detained (please note: Sichuan is 13 hours ahead of EST).You can also text the Chinese Embassy nearest you.

Help Spread the WordJoin the Facebook global text action event.

Why text from March 8 – 12? Tuesday, March 8 is International Women’s Day and Saturday, March 12 marks the anniversary of the Tibetan Women’s Uprising –  the day in 1959 when Tibetan women took to the streets of Lhasa, Tibet’s capital, to demand the release of those detained on March 10.

What to text?

1) Release Norzin Wangmo NOW!

2) Tibetans have a right to freedom of expression – Free Norzin Wangmo NOW
西藏人有言论的自由 现在就释放龙真旺姆

3) Truth and freedom for Tibetans – Free Norzin Wangmo NOW
西藏人要真理、要自由 现在就释放龙真旺姆

Please Note: If you’re using a smart phone or Internet service to SMS, the Chinese text can simply be cut and paste into the SMS system. If using a standard mobile phone we suggest using the English text.

More campaign materials:

Take Action: Send an online letter to Liu Xibao

Read a moving poem, “Sorry”, dedicated to Norzin Wangmo, by a Tibetan blogger (translated by High Peaks Pure Earth).