Nathan Freitas

Co-founder and Senior Advisor on Technology

Co-founder of Tibet Action Institute, Nathan is a pioneer in the field of mobile software design. As an entrepreneur, Nathan co‐developed, and later sold to Palm, Inc., a patented mobile software platform competitive with the RIM Blackberry Enterprise Server. He now leads the Guardian Project, an effort to build secure, open-source mobile solutions for activists, journalists, and human rights organizations. He served on the Board of Directors of Students for a Free Tibet for four years and has acted as a technology adviser and volunteer with Students for a Free Tibet since 2001, most notably building the communications technology platform that enabled safe and untraceable coordination of nonviolent protests during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Nathan’s career has spanned the academic, entrepreneurial, government and non-profit sectors, with a consistent focus on realizing innovative ideas and solutions through the thoughtful application of new technologies.