Highlights from Tibet Action’s work in 2021!

From exposing China’s vast network of colonial boarding schools in Tibet, to building the movement’s resilience to digital attacks, and launching a Tibetan language podcast focused on creative resistance in Tibet along with much more, Tibet Action’s dynamic programs are challenging Beijing’s rule in Tibet in unprecedented ways and catalyzing international support for Tibet.

Separated from their Families, Hidden from the World

China’s Vast System of Residential Schools Inside Tibet

Join the call for international action against this injustice

Tibet Action launches a groundbreaking report documenting a vast network of Chinese state-run, colonial boarding schools in Tibet designed to systematically co-opt, undermine, and ultimately eliminate Tibetan identity in order to neutralize Tibetans’ resistance to China’s rule.

Jhakang: Tibet Action on the Air! 

Check out a new podcast series launched by Tibet Action in Tibetan. The episodes bring Tibetan voices and activist perspectives on issues critical to the Tibetan people and the Tibetan freedom struggle into the conversation. Stay tuned for the launch of our new English-language program!

Tibet Action News & Opinions

An Online Digital Security Support Space for Tibetans

Every other month, we invite Tibetans everywhere to engage with our digital security experts on the latest cybersecurity news, including how China’s escalating attacks on internet freedom are impacting Tibetan communities. We also offer tech tips, app reviews, and invite feedback and questions with the goal of supporting our community’s digital needs in an open and inclusive environment.

Tibetan Digital Security Support Hubs Formed Across India

Update from the Tibetan Computer Emergency Readiness Team (TibCERT)

This year, Tibetan Action’s digital security team launched a new effort to mitigate online threats in the Tibetan exile community through community-embedded incident response and behavior-focused training. To build local, sustainable support hubs for instilling stronger digital security practices amongst the Tibetan exile community across India, we recruited three Digital Security Ambassadors to staff volunteer-based, digital security hubs in Mundgod, Bylakuppe, and Dharamsala. 25 volunteers are actively involved with the hubs – organizing trainings, workshops, and events designed to increase the community’s capacity to identify and resolve digital security and technology-related issues. 

Dharamsala Hub Spotlight: Impact of Social Media in the Tibetan Community

During the lockdowns, we connected more through the internet. Throughout the year, TibCERT documented an uptick in disinformation and misinformation on Tibetan social media platforms. The issue was also tackled by our Dharamshala Response Hub, which brought together a diverse group – a political analyst, journalist, doctor, and gender-equity activist – to discuss the impact of social media in the community and debrunk common misinformation and disinformation posts.

No Beijing 2022

Tibet Action provided leadership and support for the growing call by Tibetans, Uyghurs, Hongkongers, and Chinese democracy activists for a global boycott of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Our Director Lhadon Tethong spoke to international media throughout the year about the need for governments, athletes, Olympic sponsors, and broadcasters to disengage from these Games. The movement continues to gain momentum as key governments commit to a diplomatic boycott of Beijing 2022. Let’s keep the pressure on!

Broadcasters: Drop Beijing 2022

Athletes Wanted: #NoBeijing2022

Calling for full #BoycottBeijing2022

Strategic Nonviolence (SNV) Live!

Tibet Action continued holding informative, online discussions about how Tibetans’ can apply the theory and practice of strategic nonviolent action to push back on China ‘s attacks on their language, religion, and culture. Watch our 2021 talks!

How to Protect Tibetan Language Rights

Threats to Tibetan Language

Strategies to Hasten the CCP’s Downfall

Keeping the pressure on Apple

This year, we continued to work in coalition with Tibet groups, Uyghurs, Hongkongers, corporate watch dogs, shareholder advisors, and technology experts to expose Apple’s complicity with China’s surveillance and censorship machine. Through social media engagement and new shareholder actions planned for Apple’s February 2022 AGM, we continue to champion the rights of Tibetans and others locked behind China’s Great Firewall to unfettered freedom of expression and access to information.