The abduction of Tibetan children and forced assimilation practices through Chinese boarding schools in Tibet

Original link: https://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/pt/press-room/20231208IPR15785/human-rights-breaches-in-belarus-tanzania-and-tibet#:~:text=Parliament%20strongly%20condemns%20the%20repressive,other%20minorities%2C%20such%20as%20Uyghurs

Parliament strongly condemns the repressive assimilation policies in place throughout China, especially the boarding school system in Tibet that seeks to eliminate the distinct linguistic, cultural, and religious traditions among Tibetans and other minorities, such as Uyghurs.

MEPs call for the immediate abolition of this authoritarian system imposed on children in Tibet and the practice of family separations as highlighted by United Nations experts, while urging the Chinese authorities to allow the establishment of private Tibetan schools. Arguing that efforts to forcibly assimilate Tibetan children violate international human rights law, the resolution welcomes the U.S. announcement to restrict visas on Chinese officials tied to the boarding school system in Tibet, with MEPs also urging the EU to adopt similar targeted sanctions. The text recalls the importance of the EU raising the issue of human rights violations in China, particularly the situation in Tibet, at every political and human rights dialogue with the Chinese authorities.

The full resolution will be available here. It was adopted by 477 votes in favour, 14 against with 45 abstentions.

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