Lhadon Tethong receives the International Religious Freedom Award

Lhadon Tethong receives the International Religious Freedom Award


In a ceremony at the US State Department on January 18, 2024, Tibet Action Director and Co-founder Lhadon Tethong received the International Religious Freedom Award. The award recognized the right to religious freedom for 6 million Tibetans as they endure China’s extreme attack on their religion, culture & identity.

With 1 million Tibetan children aged 3+ in colonial boarding schools, they are cut off from their language, religion, culture, and community. Now parents can’t teach religion or take children to the monastery on winter break, house searches and bans on language programs enforce this.

For generations, Tibetans’ strength to resist occupation has been anchored in their Buddhist faith. China is trying to eliminate this but we will not let this happen. We will continue building international pressure to stop China’s violations and support Tibetans’ enduring resistance.

The award was part of the State Department’s events commemorating 25 years of the International Religious Freedom Act. For more information, please visit the official webpage.

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