TAI conducts cyber workshop at TLA

TAI conducts cyber workshop at TLA

By  | January 19, 2018

Tibet Action Institute based in Dharamsala with its vision of enhancing the digital strength and its effectiveness amongst the Tibetans and its Organizations in exile with their primary goal of securing and strengthening democracy,enabling the basic human right and Freedom, are implementing their objectives by providing workshop and digital awareness programmes amongst various Institute, NGOs and Monasteries in here India.

The members of the Tibet Action Institute have visited the office of Tibetan Legal Association and briefed its staff about the basic know how to use the digital media aptly and to protect its date & identity through various medium available.

It was a well informative session held at the office of Tibetan Legal Association with the members of Tibet Action Institute group. We sincerely appreciate their endeavor and efforts in making the digital system of Tibetans in exile a step ahead.

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